About This Project

About Ace Industry Magazine –

ACE industry magazine is an online trade publication that offers the latest industry news, events and product information from the world of Automation, Control and Engineering. At ACE we’re devoted to covering all aspects of this growing industry and delivering up to date insightful information to key market professionals within the Automation industry.

Our in-depth editorial content examines real-life automation projects and delivery solutions to help improve manufacturing. The publication was created to provide the industry with not only the most up to date editorial content but also a portfolio of companies who provide products and services that your company needs to progress in this ever growing and evolving industry.

We send 47,000 digital copies to our readers, subscribers and our clients inboxes every month. Our circulation connects with industry professionals from key business sectors such as: Automotive, Food & Beverage, Clothing, Fuel Manufacturing, Chemical, Rubber & Plastics, Machining & Machinery, Robotics, Electronics & Optical Equipment, Gas & Water, Construction and Furniture Manufactures.

The publication carefully targets the correct business professionals within these industries making sure each client is put directly in front of the correct audience and giving the chance for these companies to connect with each other.